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Canadian Home of the Hungarian Kuvasz Puppies and/or Adults Available

Lofranco Kuvasz Kennel is the Top Producing Kennel in Breed History - Canada's oldest and ONLY active breeding kennel since the early seventies. Approximately 95% of the top show dogs in North America trace heritage to the famous littermates Champion Lofranco's Enchanting Serene and Champion Lofranco's Harcos Seneca.

Congratulations - To all of the winners at the Kuvasz Specialty who are descendants of Lofranco Kennels again this year. Some of the winners have several Lofranco dogs on both sides of the pedigree including Ch. Lofranco's Imperial Alicia, Ch. Lofranco's Imperial Whitney, Ch. Lofranco's Invictus of Asgard, Ch. Lofranco's Gallant Harcos, Ch. Lofranco's Sasha, Ch. Lofranco's Special Edition, Ch. Lofranco's Ghosthill Varasz, Ch. Lofranco's Gyongy of Budavar (Mac's sister), BIS Ch. Lofranco's General MacSuibhne, Ch. Lofranco's Better Than Ever, Ch.Lofranco's Best Seller, Ch. Lofranco Budavar Prima Megan, Ch. Lofranco's Winterhawk Sierra, Lofranco's Winner Take All, Lofranco's Hall of Fame, Ch. Lofranco's Travarus, Ch. Koval's Mystical Ari Lofranco, Koval-Lofranco Sentry at Coda, Ch. Koval's Elegant Gypsy Lofranco, Ch. Budavari Deven of Lofranco, Ch. Lofranco's Marlene of Budavar, Ch. Lofranco Aegis Zeus, Ch. Aegis-Lofranco Bada Bing, Ch. Aegis-Lofranco Georgia Peach, Ch. Lofranco's Playboy Aegis, Ch. Lofranco's Canadian Treasure, Ch. Asgard-Lofranco Boku, Ch. Lofranco's Ignacia Cheyenne, Ch. Lofranco's Imelda Sophia, Ch. Lofranco's Show Stopper Asgard, Ch. Lofranco's Layla of Sugarbrook, Lofranco's Zoltan Czigany, Lofranco's New Edition, Lofranco's Amadeus Budavar, Lofranco's Aegis Mesmerize RN, Lofranco's Lieutenant Nero, Lofranco's Majestic Devson, Lofranco's Oriana Mifflin, and the famous littermates Ch. Lofranco's Enchanting Serene and Ch. Lofranco's Harcos Seneca - All Time Top Producer. Seneca and Serene made a great contribution to the Breed including winners all over the world.

European bloodlines include Best in Show Budagyongye Opal, Retudvari Ali Gomboc, Petroczi Atti, Kurucz Bator, Godollokerti Avar Gemant, Godollokerti Avar Tisza, Farkas Juhasz-Kutya, Gondos Vom Wenzinger Landhaus, Varasz von den grossen Strolchen, Momo von den grossen Strolchen, Nagyperkati-Bicskas Paller Dino, Bajanduri Kun Gulyas, World Champion Trevnadens Egeszseges, Trevnadens Excelsior, Trevnadens Komica, Trevendens Tokajer, Trevnadens Miklos, Trevnadens Vox, Trevnadens Xirica, Trevnadens Ninya and her littermate Trevnadens Nadja bred to Lofranco's Lieutenant Nero. Many of the current Trevnaden pedigrees including the " I" and " T" litters are descendants of Harcos owned by Lofranco Kennels.

Special thanks to all the wonderful owners over the past 35+ years. It really is a great breed with so many wonderful owners and special friends.

Life Members (30+ years) The Canadian Kennel Club, Past Board Member Kuvasz Club of America and founding members of the Kuvasz Club of Ontario. President National Kuvasz Registry - Health and Pedigree information. Founding members Kuvasz Club of Canada and Kuvasz Care. For information on purebred Kuvasz rescue and re-home service, please contact 519-833-2693 or 800-423-9023.

Congratulations - Breeders "Delilah", Disney's Homeward Bound 11.

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